Wittgenstein House

2010 Emergency Box of L. J. J. Wittgenstein

Emergency Box of L. J. J. Wittgenstein, 2010

book, colour pencil on paper

This work was made for an exhibition at Wittgenstein House- the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Vienna. By receiving the invitation for the exhibition I immediately thought of Ludwig Wittgenstein`s life, an Austrian-British philosopher, who designed and built a house in Vienna for his sister in 1926. This is the reason why I created a work concerned with Wittgenstein’s Oeuvre. During my research I found a book called “Wittgenstein A graphic guide” by the authors John Heaton and Judy Groves. I started making pencil drawings of the people who had influence on his life and then inserted them between the pages of the book. Anyway, I wanted to have a minimum of components, so I designed a cardboard box for the presentation, in which everything fits together. A kind of an Emergency-Box.

variable size, book, colored pencil on paper

Permanent Installation, Bulgarian Cultural Institute Wittgenstein House, Vienna, 2010