2015 The Watercolors

The work comprises collecting water in plastic bottles of two “coloured” seas, The Black Sea and The Yellow Sea and one microscope image. The bottle in the middle is filled with mixed water of both seas.

This simple gesture of interplay between the name, colour and location is for me a connection of language and globalisation processes.

For the first time the work was exhibited during the MMCA Changdong Residency in Seoul, Korea, now it seems appropriate to present this work in Varna, because both cities are located on the seaside.

The BlackYellow
view of the installation MMCA Changdong, Seoul, Korea, 2015, plastic bottles, water, sand
MMCA_2015 Watercolour
B&Y 2015 MMCA Changdong, Seoul Installation view
The Yellow, 2015
chromogenic colour print