Over the Alps 2016

Over The Alps, 2016


The collages re-examine the various relationships to the romantic idea of landscape memory and the symbol of lifestyle. Employing clippings from the SWISS magazine, I created and small format collages on ink-paper. The inspiration for this work comes from the book of Lucius Burckhardt, Why is Landscape Beautiful?. He was the founder of strollology or promenadology, based on methods in cultural studies as well as experimental practices like taking reflective walks and aesthetically interventions. In the time of progressive urbanization to change the perspective from walking – flying, earth – sky, below – above, we meet the beautiful opposition. I am focusing on a concept of overlaying ink drawings and cuttings, without any human traces, the variety of photographic color image and drawing. The images targeting those who observe the environment with there eyes wide open.

“Seen from above, people look like ants. And one would wonder: What on earth are they up to, those people down there?”

ink, collages on paper


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